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Expeditions come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. My passion is being in the field, on location, experiencing the concepts we teach in the classroom in person. 

I want to bring teachers and students to the field and the field to students and teachers. 

Let's expedition together!


The Boiling River Project


Beginning in August 2018: I joined  the field team for The Boiling River Project, under the direction of Andres Ruzo. 

It all began in July 2017, when I wrote a proposal to complete field science as a new approach to teacher professional development. I won the award and associated grant money and promptly joined The Boiling River Project Field Season 10 team. 

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As a 2018 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, I traveled to Galapagos on expedition to study endemic species in November 2018. 

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Florida Keys


Each June, I bring students to Key Largo to work with Coral Restoration Foundation, Reef Environmental Education Foundation, and MarineLab to complete fish surveys, reef restoration, and ecology studies.

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Watershed Rehabilitiation


Each year, we raise brook trout in our classroom from egg to fry stage. In the spring, we bring them to Waynesboro, VA to be released in a fresh water stream. The brook trout are water quality indicator species in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. By studying their species density, we can track the health of the watershed. Raising them in our classroom helps us understand the delicate balance necessary for their survival and boosts their population density in the watershed for longitudinal study.

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Expedition Schnekser Podcast


Join me as I share stories, experiences, and inspiration from expeditions through this podcast.

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Conference Presentations


  • GIS and 360 imagery in the Peruvian Amazon
  • National Geographic Teacher Certification Phase 1
  • Bringing Field Science into the Classroom and Classrooms to the field
  • Using photography and storytelling in the classroom


  • Lessons from the Amazon: tales from the field
  • National Geographic Teacher Certification Phase 1
  • World Geography and Global Strategy Share Twitter Chat moderation
  • National Geographic Women of Impact Facebook Live event


  • STEM, STEAM, Engineering, and Design Thinking? No Problem
  • National Geographic Teacher Certification Phase 1


  • 3D Printing and Design in the Elementary Classroom
  • Engaged Learning in PreK-12 classrooms
  • Global Experiential Curricula and Field Work in the Elementary Classroom


  • Variety is the Spice of Your Classroom: breathing new life into your science instruction
  • Cooperative Learning Best Practices PreK-12


  • Schnekser-ize Your Classroom


  • Using Promethean Interactive Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Focus on rapid response controls
  • Getting Started with Interactive Whiteboards



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