Expedition Philosophy

My passion resides in authentic, application based teaching. I am a lifelong learner, determined to bring the world to my students, and my students to the world. Learning occurs everywhere and at all times, our students need to know, understand, and feel empowered to make a positive difference in all aspects of life and the world around them. 

This is what drives my thirst for knowledge and motivation to gain experience in all aspects of the world of science. 

I have great interest in field science while I believe it is an important piece of science, often overlooked by the public. By being an advocate and joining in field science expeditions, I gain first hand experience that I can then scale to my classroom for authentic learning pieces across all disciplines and grade levels. 

In addition to gaining the experience, I have committed to creating educational materials to bring this explorer and field science aspect into classrooms worldwide. I also want to bring relevant and current data into classrooms for students to analyze. 

What better way to do this than to be in the field collecting with scientists? 



Education World

In 2006, I began my first expedition in the world of education as a teacher. I taught fifth grade, all subjects for 7 years. In 2013, I joined the independent school world, as a Lower School Science Specialist and Teacher. Since that time, I have built and continue to build an application and field based curriculum for PreK-grade 5 students. As an educator, I believe in empowering students to explore their world and take an active role as explorers.

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Field Science Work

It all started in the summer of 2017, with a grant application that changed my world. Since then, I continuously seek out ways to join in the world of field work with scientists of all disciplines. 

I want to bring data and conservation efforts from the field, into the classroom. 

Do you have an expedition or data from the field you want used in classrooms? 

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Public Speaking and Engagement

I enjoy spreading joy, excitement, and enthusiasm for science, education, and innovation in the world of education. 

I have spoken at numerous conferences and presented for teachers and students on topics ranging from field expeditions, following your passions, STEM education and opportunities for educators and students, effective and innovative teaching strategies, and professional development workshops. 

Professional Development Topics

  • Bringing Field Science to the laboratory and your students to the field, no matter the age.
  • Spice up your instruction with fresh ideas for those topics that tend to run stale
  • STEM/STEAM: It does not have to be scary

Student Groups, Clubs, or School Presentation Topics

It is never too late or early to discover your passions and follow them. Listen to my story, which begins in third grade and how one day would change the course of my life--but not for another 20+years. Sometimes you think you have it all figured out, and other times, you may feel like you are stuck. Find out, through my story, how identifying and relentlessly following your passions will make you the happiest you have ever been.

Keynote Speaking Topics

  • As an educator you have incredible power to influence the future. Find out how teachers influenced me, and how sometimes that influence was an obstacle which stunted growth. Through my story, find out how you can be a positive influence through your classroom, words, and actions for all students. It might be a little more complicated than you think.
  • Empowering students to be change-makers through storytelling, science, and field work

I can also work with you to customize or build a topic of your choosing as a keynote, panelist, or facilitator.


Do you have an upcoming expedition and are interested in having me on your team?

Would you like your field data used in classrooms?

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Would you like educational consulting to enhance your curricula with Field Expedition concepts?

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